How to Live on Earth

By November 6, 2015September 12th, 2016Reviews

Colt Coeur, NYC.

New York Times

Charles Socarides has some nice moments as the justifiably confident Bill.

Lighting & Sound America

Charles Socarides impresses once again, as Russ, who, amusingly, finds success as the author of one-word poems, and as Bill, the group’s smuggest overachiever.

Theater in the Now

Charles Socarides was great in his dual roles as Bill and Russ. Socarides found a way to make his characters vastly interesting. While one was a slacker poet and the other was an over-confident doctor, Socarides eased into each role, making you wonder at first if it was a different actor.

New York Post

The cast handles its touchingly funny characters with love and care.



Charles Socarides and Amelia Workman

Workman and Socarides