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Indian Blood

By July 9, 2014November 29th, 2015Reviews


Primary Stages, NYC

Charles Isherwood, New York Times

Charles Socarides, ardent blue eyes beaming rebelliousness beneath freshly barbered hair, plays Eddie, the young stand-in for Mr. Gurney.

Michael Feingold, The Village Voice

Socarides carries off the demanding lead role with just the right blend of dreamy-eyed naïveté and adolescent feistiness.

Simon Saltzman, CurtainUp

Charles Socarides, with an utterly convincing portrait of adolescent turmoil as Eddie…


Eddie, played by Charles Socarides with a bright-eyed slyness that calls to mind an adolescent Steve Carell.

Malcolm Johnson, Hartford Courant

He is totally engaging without being overly solicitous for our affection.

Dan Bacalzo, TheatreMania

Although Gurney clearly exposes various flaws in his main characters, they all remain likable, thanks in part to the fully realized performances of the cast. Socarides is absolutely charming as Eddie, who frequently breaks the fourth wall to comment on the action to the audience.

NY Theatre Wire

Young Eddie (the outstanding Charles Socarides) is both the protagonist and, in open homage to Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town,” the narrator. Like a good Stage Manager, Eddie sets the scene and fills in the missing pieces. This includes pointing out those people who, for the sake of economy, he says, are not personified by an onstage actor. Socarides excels in both roles.

Show Business Weekly

Charles Socarides plays Eddie with a winning earnestness evocative of a young Jimmy Stewart,

Time out NY

His nostalgic tale begins when the teenage Eddie (the appealing Socarides) is caught in school passing a dirty drawing involving Glinda the Good and Injun Joe;

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