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Sons of the Prophet

By April 7, 2015May 25th, 2015Reviews

Roundabout Theatre, NYC

New York Times

Absolutely wonderful… The play affords wonderful roles for the excellent cast.

New Yorker

Karam’s nuanced, comic storytelling–delivered by a uniformly excellent cast–holds pain and pleasure in startling equipoise, never trivializing either.


Socarides shares a strong chemistry with Fontana, even as he projects just the right amount of arrogance and self-centeredness that will complicate any kind of meaningful relationship between their characters.

Talkin Broadway

Socarides displaying a nice blend of thoughtfulness and opportunism as Joseph’s potential two-way savior.


As a reporter covering the strange deer incident, Charles Socarides makes an attractive love interest for Joseph and subtly displays his character’s ulterior motives.

Scheck on Theatre (Doug Strassler)

The acting is uniformly terrific. What is most curious is how several of these actors – Yusef Bulos, Joanna Gleason, Charles Socarides – are able to communicate so much about their characters while still keeping secrets about their motivations.